Do Wix Sites Rank On Google?

The short answer is: Yes, they do! But, if you’re here, then it means your Wix Site is not showing up on Google. This can be due to two issues, so get ready to investigate which one it is: Your Wix Site is Not Indexed Your Wix Site is Not Ranking If you think your … Read more

How many Blog Posts should you Publish in the First Month of Blogging?

If you’re new to blogging, you may be looking for that magic number which ascertains how many times should you publish your blog posts in the first month to grow your traffic exponentially. In this post, I will first share some insights based on the analysis of my previous blog’s traffic for the first month. … Read more

“Why Do You Blog?”, Someone Asked. Here’s What I Replied..

Recently, someone asked me “Why do you need a blog?” I’m assuming that the intent behind this question was to understand why do people make blogs in general. Upon thinking about this further, I was able to identify a lot of benefits of blogging that I’ve only realized after having blogged for more than 6 … Read more

Wix Blog Review: Should You Use for Blogging?

wix blog review 2023

If you’re a blogging beginner contemplating on whether or not to choose Wix for hosting your website, here is an unbiased review of the Wix blog detailing its pros and cons. Based on my 6-month journey of using the Wix blog, I can share what it can and cannot do and whether you should use … Read more

Wix Pricing India: How much does a Wix Blog Cost in 2023?

Important Update: The Wix Rs. 29 per month plan has been discontinued in India. To check the new prices of Premium Plans, read this – Wix Premium Plans in India.   A lot of people in India wish to start blogging on Wix, but often the information on the web about Wix Pricing in India … Read more

How long does it take me to write a typical blog post?

I was recently asked this question, so I thought that whenever I write my next blog post, I’ll consciously note down all the steps I follow and the time each step takes to determine how long it takes me to write a typical blog post. And, the answer is – it takes anywhere between 2 … Read more

How to add Google AdSense Ads to Wix Blog Posts [not web pages]?

When I monetized my first Wix Blog, I couldn’t find an option to add the Google AdSense ads to my Wix Blog Posts. The AdSense Manager worked perfectly on the other web pages of the Wix Website, but I wasn’t sure how to add the Google AdSense Ads to the Wix Blog Posts (and not … Read more

Wix Blog Mobile View: How to Preview Before Publishing?

One of the common issues with Wix is its inability to provide a preview of blog posts in the mobile mode. Wix offers an option to review a draft using the “Preview” button. But, that works only for the desktop view. This post shares a method to view the same draft on your mobile before … Read more

Is There A Wix Page Limit For Bloggers?

You heard from someone that there’s a Wix Page Limit of 100 static pages and freaked out, right? How can a website building platform like Wix place a limit on the number of pages you can create. When I found out about this, my first instinct was to Google “Wix Page Limit” only to find … Read more

Wix Blog SEO: Heading, Title and Meta Description Tag

wix blog seo

If you’re new to Wix Blogging and Search Engine Optimization, this post will act as an SEO beginner’s guide for your Wix Blog. I’ll be explaining the basics of Wix SEO, namely elements like Heading, Title and Meta Description Tag among others so that your Wix Blog can rank higher on Google. Wix SEO Basics … Read more

Wix Blog Links Opening in New Tab by Default [Update]

This is a cautionary post for all the Wix bloggers to note that the Wix blog links are opening in a new tab by default. This can hamper the SEO performance of your Wix blog, so please take note of the update and make changes to your blog posts accordingly. What are Wix Blog Links? … Read more

The Actual Wix Domain Renewal Cost in India 2023

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Why I Removed the Wix Live Chat from my Blog?

Recently, I removed the ‘Live Chat on Wix‘ feature from my blog Non-Engineers and through this post, I’d like to share its review and the reason why I finally decided to delete the chat option from my Wix blog. I’m sure it would benefit the other Wix bloggers who currently have this feature activated.   … Read more

How to Design a Wix Website? A Step-by-Step Guide

The first few days after purchasing the domain name are spent on editing, designing and customizing your Wix webiste. This can be a mind-boggling task given the number of templates, themes, colours and fonts that are available on Wix. After having created two Wix websites, I can share some some simple steps to cut-short all … Read more

Wix or WordPress: Which web hosting service to choose as a blogging beginner?

Before I began my blogging journey I had no idea about terms like “web hosting service” or “domain registrar”. All I knew was that I wanted a website of my own. But, where to get it from was a question that I spent some time on. This post will share an in-depth analysis of two … Read more