Wix AdSense Earnings: How much can you earn in a month?

A member of the blog recently asked me if it was possible to earn money from a Wix Blog by placing ads. The answer is yes, you can. I’ve placed ads on both my Wix blogs and in this post, I will be revealing my AdSense Earnings from the first month of ad activation from … Read more

Structuring a Blog Post in 5-10 Minutes!

In one of the previous posts on how long does it take me to write a typical blog post, I had revealed that structuring a blog post should take about 5-10 minutes. In this post, I will share how you can convert your thoughts into words and bring a structure to them once they’re on … Read more

How to Add a Tweet to Your Wix Blog Post?

In the previous post, I embedded a tweet within the body of my blog post. A blog member asked how it can be done, so here is an easy process to embed a tweet in your Wix blog post:   First of all open the tweet that you wish to embed within the blog post. … Read more

Radhi Devlukia’s Website Is An Inspiration For All Bloggers

Radhi Devlukia is a food person!   I think that intro fits her the best though it doesn’t encapsulate all the amazinnggg things she does – she’s a food enthusiast, a spiritual coach (though she wouldn’t admit this but check out her Monday Resets and Feel Good Feature Fridays and then we’ll talk), an Ayurveda … Read more

“Page Actions Are Temporarily Disabled” – How to Index?

Recently, Google Webmasters tweeted to announce that Google Search Console’s Inspection Tool is under some infrastructure changes due to which the webmasters will no longer be able to “request indexing” of their web pages through the Google Search Console’s “Inspect URL” tool. How to Index Web Pages Now? Google Webmasters account has shared an Introductory … Read more

Wix 29 Per Month Plan is No Longer Available in India

In a previous post on Wix Pricing in India, I had shared about the only Premium Plan available for India which costed Rs. 29 per month billed annually. In a recent update, Wix has decided to do away with that plan and has introduced 4 Premium Plans and 3 Business Premium Plans instead. The plans … Read more

YouTube View Count Frozen In The About Section

If you’re a fellow YouTuber wondering whether you’re the only one facing issue with frozen views in the “About” section of your YouTube Channel, join the club!   I took this screenshot in the first week of October, 2020: My YouTube views in the about Section have been fixed ever since, it has been more … Read more